Observe that screws, parts and wires have been returned to original positions, Afterwards, perform the following tests and confirm the specified values in order to verify compliance with safety standards. See the following figures Figs. At least that's the basic premise.

  • Observe the ENV OUT waveform to confirm that the overall waveform balance and linearity levels vary in accordance with the tracking variation as shown in Fig.

The loading motor drive voltage is lower than specified or power is not supplied to the motor MDA. Consequently, when servicing these products, replace the cathode ray tubes and other parts with only the specified parts. How to remove 1 Remove the loading arm gear supply side by loosening the screw A. Indication of the parts for adjustments The parts for the adjustments are surrounded with the circle as shown below.

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In practice, the indicated periods will vary widely according to environmental and usage conditions. V1 Note: Make a crease on the position where the dotted line is not exceeded. When disassembling or assembling the mechanism assembly, be sure to attach screws and washers correctly by referring to the following table. P TP PB. Not easily pulled free Crimped at approx. The soldered parts have separated. Further turn the motor pulley to move the cassette holder until the screw B is no longer under the control plate in the half-loading position.

How to install Centering the mounting position When the capstan motor has once been removed and then reinstalled out of the initial correct position in the rotational direction, the capstan motor current may be unstable during operation in high or low temperatures.

Interpreting Connector indications 1 Removable connector 2 3 2 2. These modes can be set by the operations described below.

How to remove 1 Remove the spring from the hook of the press lever assembly. V1 Note: Make a crease on the position where the dotted line is not exceeded. Also note that rubber parts may deform in Cod if the set is not used. Microsoft Security Essentials 4.10.0209.0 With Serial Key Free The end date of the period reflected Registratipn the cover page if a periodic report. For all other reports and registration statements containing historical data, it is the date up through which that historical data is presented.

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PART No. Tighten Collar assembly Fig.

Replace only with same type and rated fuse s as specified.:

  • In case of electrical failures If you cannot remove the cassette tape which is loaded because of any Downpoad failure, manually remove it by taking the following steps.
  • Products using cathode ray tubes CRTs In regard to such products, the cathode ray tubes themselves, the high voltage circuits, and related circuits are specified for compliance with recognized codes pertaining to X-ray emission.
  • ENC
  • The drum could not start or the drum rotation has stopped 2002 to too large a load on the tape, because; 1 The tape tension is abnormally high; 2 The tape is damaged or a foreign object grease, etc.
  • Symbol 1 : Order of disassembly steps.
  • Also make sure that the screw center centre is brought into alignment with the center centre position of the slot.
  • C PBI N.
  • In doing so, hold the tape by the hand to keep the slack away from any grease.

The pull-up resistor at the absolute sensor output is defective. PB FM level is not within the specified value G1 , perform the adjustment in a following procedure.

Specified value G Y level V. Then tighten the screws 4 and 5.

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Or rather has been in the last decades. Part name 1 Top cover, Bracket 2 Front panel assembly Fig. Then release the lug of the tension arm bearing in the arrow-indicated direction and draw out the tension arm assembly. Note: Parts in this category also include those specified to comply with X-ray emission standards for products using cathode ray tubes and those specified for compliance with various regulations regarding spurious radiation emission.

Especially, this model is not provided with any cassette housing assembly, so that cassette loading and unloading must be accomplished by operation of the cassette holder assembly.

How to remove 1 Remove Codw spring and expand the lug of the lid guide in the arrow-indicated direction. GND C51 0. In addition, when the operation does not complete within 3 seconds after the start, [E] is also identified and the power is turned off immediately. The switches that are not listed below can be set as desired.

FF C-IN Document Period Downlowd Date. Perform the following adjustments when required. E Take Up Reel Pulse EMG When the take-up reel pulse has not been generated for more than 4 seconds in the capstan rotating mode, 202 is identified, the pinch rollers are turned off and stopped, and the power is turned off. IN1[R] A. If the tape is slack, wind it up by turning the shaft on the topside of the capstan motor in the direction of the arrow using a pointed tool chip IC replacement jig.

Manual zz. Design and specifications subject to change without notice. However, in order to maintain such compliance, it is equally important to implement the following precautions when a set is being serviced. Crimp type wire connector In such cases as when replacing Downloadd power transformer in sets where the connections between the power cord and power transformer primary lead wires are performed using crimp type connectors, if replacing the connectors is unavoidable, in order to prevent safety hazards, perform carefully and precisely according to the following steps. FM TP A. AIDA64 Extreme | Engineer 6.25.5406 Download [2020] Crack Full HD quality, high speed, rich content, user friendly and multilingual Marble 1.14.1 Registration Code Products using cathode ray tubes CRTs In regard to such products, the cathode ray tubes themselves, the high voltage circuits, and related circuits are specified for compliance with recognized codes pertaining to X-ray emission. Title of 12 b Security.

CoverPro 8.25 With Serial Key FreePB FM waveform. V1 Note: Make a crease on the position where the dotted line is not exceeded. Power is not supplied to the reel sensors. Titlebar Date-Time 2.22 2020 Patch Measurement point 1 Doanload soldered directly on board 2 3 16 18 20 22 24 Waveform number 1 Non-removable Board connector 2 C C 0. The following flowchart shows the PB switching point adjustment procedure. Part Name Fig. By keeping it in that position, draw out the cassette tape case from the cassette holder and take out the tape. The tilt motor is defective.