Retrieved 3 March Retrieved 8 June Some Firefox add-ons affect the function of Cliqz. Data is deleted and separated as soon as it reaches our servers. For a comparison Latesg such counterparts see comparison of e-mail clients and Comparison of Usenet newsreaders. How can I disable the Adblocker? Damn Small Linux and Feather Linux.

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The specifications for HTML5 are still under development, but many current browsers already support many of the new features in the draft specifications. Chrome Releases blog. Retrieved 2 July No Falkon Yes Yes? What is Tracking Protection? No [note 17].

Yes []. Cliqz is now ready to be used.

Android Cliqz for Firefox is optimized for usage in Germany and German language. The Cliqz Tracker library consists of over trackers and scripts; however, new advertising and marketing technologies are being created all the time. Cliqz GmbH is an independent GmbH.

Chrome 17—23 Firefox 10—17 Internet Explorer 10 Lunascape 6. If you visit the page again, it will open in Normal Mode. The access to the location is used, for example, if you want to use Google Maps to determine the location in your browser.

Newer Opera versions use a different concept called "Stash" instead. Who Cliqz 1.36.0 Download [2020] Latest the people behind Cliqz? Dowwnload when considering that some browsers have experimental features built in which may be switched off by default.

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A click on it shows you an overview of the trackers found on the opened web page, which can then be blocked individually or all together. Why can't I see Cliqz search results when typing a query in the address bar anymore? Extended Ad filter support can be added by installing an extension such as Adblock Plus.